Friday, 25 October 2013

How to Differentiate Between a Paying Hyip and a Scam Hyip

Hyips can be very lucrative if properly managed.  You don’t need to be a guru to profit from Hyips.

Whether you like it or not, most hyips are out there to scam you off your money until proven otherwise. Our goal is to detect if a hyip will pay or scam.  By so doing, you’ll be able to make maximum profits from your initial investment.
Below are the most important factors you must consider before investing on any hyip:

  •    Domain name: 

For our newbies, a domain name is simply a unique web address that identifies each and every site on the internet.  Something like is a domain name. Each hyip has to purchase its own domain name and hosting.
Most good hyips purchase domain names that will last for a reasonable period of time (e.g. 3 years and above) while the bad hyips purchase domain names that do not last long (e.g. 2 years or less). 
To check the domain name registration and expiry date, look at the table summarizing the basic features of any hyip on our site or visit an external source like to view those details.

  •    Traffic:  

Although this may not apply for brand new hyips but it is very much required for an already existing hyip.   Most hyips that pay their members have a good traffic rank which is determined by the number of visitors that visit the hyip site.
One way to determine if a hyip is scam is to check both the registration date and the amount of traffic it has received since that time.
To check this, you can use ranking which is an automated system that helps to rank all websites according to the amount of people that visit it regularly.
The lower the alexa rank of any site, the more the traffic it receives.

  •    Payment Proofs:  

If members of a particular hyip post regular positive payment proofs on forums and blogs, then it is likely that the hyip is a reliable one.  However, if some members post negative comments about that particular hyip, it is very likely that they have started paying selectively and that is a good indication that they’re about to scam.

  •   Hyips that promise very high returns:

Please avoid hyips that promise extensive return on investment, they are almost always there to scam you.  Take for example, some hyips may offer you up to 50%of your initial investment daily and 200% in 2 hours.
Clearly, the above hyip program wants you to lose your money and you should not go for such.
Do not choose hyips promising hourly profits but those ones with a reasonable ROI like 1-2% daily.

  •  Active Administration: 

Most admins that are dedicated to serving their members always answer any questions from their members regarding any of their services.  They do this either through forums, support messages or live chats.
Bad admins will never ever answer support tickets generated by their members and it is a good indication that the hyip is about to scam.

  •   Web Design and Quality:  

Although this is a minor factor in determining whether a hyip site is paying or not, it also helps.  Generally, hyip programs with poorly designed web pages aim at doing away with the investors’ funds anytime soon. They can’t afford to hire a proper web designer because of the cost effectiveness and will hope to attract a few members and then close up.
Most paying hyips have well established sites with quality design that will suit the needs of its investors.

  •             Advertising: 

This factor is also not very important but it is relevant.  Many hyip sites get investors by advertising on high trafficked forums and hyip monitors.  You can know if a new hyip site will survive by monitoring how often it has been advertised on other sites.

The admin of Scam hyip sites  do not bother on investing on advertising because they hope to convince a few investors about their program and then run away with their funds.

After you've properly analysed and applied these 7 Investment tips, you'll always profit in any Hyip!


  1. Very good article on how to spot a good HYIP vs a HYIP that is only out there to scam it's investors. I myself invest with they have a good solid program setup.

  2. Alright Corenight. Wish you success on your investments. Thanks for commenting.


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